Las Vegas Roulette

Where to Find the Best Roulette Games in Vegas

Single Zero and European (or French) Roulette Tables in Vegas

If you've read the section about single zero roulette, then you know that there is a big different in the odds on an American roulette game versus a European roulette game. The house edge on a wheel with two zero's is 5.26% compared to the house edge of 2.7% on a game with a single zero. If you can find a game with a half back rule, or an "en prison" rule, then you can cut that house edge in half again, to 1.35%, making roulette bets comparable to some of the other games in the casino.

Vegas Casinos with a Single Zero and the "En Prison' Rule in Effect

The Bellagio is one notable casino with great roulette rules for a player. This is one of the few casinos in Vegas which offers single zero roulette with an "en prison" rule, and their version of the game has a 1.35% house edge. The MGM Grand, the Mirage, the Rio Suites and the Wynn also offer this version of roulette. These are all swanky places, and they probably have higher betting minimums than some of the other casinos.

Las Vegas Roulette with a Single Zero but no "En Prison" Rule

Caesars Palace, the Las Vegas Hilton, the Monte Carlo, Nevada Palace, Paris, the Stratosphere, and the Venetian all offer single zero European roulette games with a house edge of 2.7%. These casinos do not offer the half back or "en prison" option, but they're still a far cry from all the other casinos in town, with their 5.26% house edge.

Also, please be aware that not ALL of the roulette tables in these casinos are single zero games. Be sure to look at the layout and scout out the games a bit before deciding which table to play at.

How Much of a Difference is There Between These Options?

Some people would say that playing a negative expectation game will eventually make you broke no matter how low the percentage is. And they're right, too: it's always just a matter of time. But one way to look at the cost of playing a casino game is how much it costs per hour to play. If you're playing $5 per wager at a table with a 1.35% edge, and you assume 50 spins per hour, then you're going to lose over the long term about a $3.37 loss per hour.

On a double zero wheel, with the 5.26% house edge, your play is going to cost you $13.15 per hour. For that reason, we recommend that you play only at the recommended casinos above, on the wheels with a single zero. And please, if you know of other casinos offering favorable roulette conditions, please email us and let us know so we can update the site, and also, if any of these casinos have changed their rules or removed their good roulette games, we want to know about that too.

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